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Exar releases new high voltage and high current buck convert

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Xrp7664 is compatible with the most commonly used buck converter pins in the industry


In 2010, Exar (NASDAQ: Exar) officially released a Synchronous PWM step-down voltage regulator xrp7664, which can provide a maximum current of up to 2 AMPERES and an input voltage of up to 18V. The release of xrp7664 means that Exar will add a new force to the powerblox family of high voltage and high current step-down voltage regulators.


"The 2-amp solution complements the existing 3, 6, 8 and 12 amp converter product lines in the Exar powerblox family, reflecting Exar's continued commitment to providing designers with higher performance, more cost-effective solutions for power conversion," said Eric pittana, marketing director of Exar's power product line. "In addition, xrp7664 meets the urgent need of our customers seeking to replace other common step-down converters by being technically feasible and cost competitive."


Xrp7664 is suitable for 12V input voltage applications, but it is also suitable for conventional 5V input voltage. Xrp7664 is committed to providing smaller size and more cost-effective solutions for various cost sensitive applications, such as audio and video equipment, such as set-top boxes, telecommunications, computer peripherals and wider distributed power conversion.


With compact "green" SOIC package, up to 93% efficiency, xrp7664 can use simple peripheral components at constant frequency of 340khz. The input voltage range is 4.75V to 18V. Through two external resistors, the output voltage can be as low as 0.925v with an accuracy of 3%. The design flexibility of xrp7664 is further improved due to its enabling function and adjustable soft start. The built-in over-current, output over-voltage and over temperature protection features provide fault protection measures for xrp7664.


Power management with high reliability and accuracy is the key element of any technical system. Exar has a wide range of high-performance and industry recognized power management solutions, including handheld devices and lighting control, power conversion and standard linear devices.


Xrp7664 is now in batch supply. All products meet ROHS standard and adopt "green" lead-free 8-pin SOIC package.


About Exar


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