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High speed voltage regulator with maximum output current of

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Torex semiconductor Ltd. has developed a high-speed voltage regulator with a maximum output current of 700mA and a series of xc6227 products.


Xc6227 series is equipped with anti reverse current function, high precision (± 1%) and high ripple suppression 65dB@1kHz Low pressure difference 120mV@IOUT=300mA High speed voltage regulator IC with maximum output current of 700mA. The IC adopts a high speed negative feedback circuit, which can suppress the sharp load current variation and the output voltage variation, so as to provide a stable power supply.


Because it is equipped with the function of preventing reverse current, when the voltage above the input terminal (VIN) is applied to the output terminal (VOUT), it can prevent the reverse current, restrain the current consumption and protect the IC. It is most suitable for standby power supply. The working voltage range starts from 1.7V and can be driven at low voltage. Small usp-6c (1.8mm × 2.0mm × h0.6mm) package is used to save design space. In addition, the package can be selected from sot-25 and sot-89-5.


In addition, it meets the EU ROHS specification and can meet the requirements of Pb free, which is environmentally friendly.


Xc6227 series features


Maximum output current 700mA


High speed load transient response 39mv drop @ IOUT = 10mA 300mA


1.7V low voltage operation


Low pressure difference 120mV@OUT=300mA )


It has the function of preventing countercurrent


Built in over-current protection and overheating protection circuit

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