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Diodes push up the current gate driver to simplify the desig

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Diodes company launched zxgd3005e610a gate driver to realize ultra fast power MOSFET and IGBT load switching in power supply, solar inverter and motor drive circuit. This non reversing gate driver has perfect emitter follower configuration, which can provide less than 10ns transfer delay time and less than 20ns rise and fall time, thus reducing switching loss, simplifying circuit design and improving the overall reliability of the system.




Zxgd3005e6 independently controls the lifting time through separate source and sink output, so that designers can achieve the required switching characteristics. The supply voltage range of the device is as wide as 25V, which can comprehensively strengthen the target MOSFET or IGBT. On the one hand, it can reduce the conduction loss to the minimum, and on the other hand, it allows the gate driving voltage of + 15V to - 5V to avoid false contact with IGBT.




This high gain, high speed gate driver can provide 4A typical output current with only 1mA input current, which can be used as a perfect interface between controller IC and load switch without additional buffer stage. Its robust design further reduces the need for additional circuits and helps to avoid latch up, breakdown and other issues.




The gate driver adopts short SOT26 package which saves space. The optimized pin distribution can simplify the layout of printed circuit board and reduce the parasitic inductance in the circuit board trace.

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