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How to determine the voltage, current and matching of steppe

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How to determine the voltage and current of stepper motor driver? How to use step motor driver? Professional sales of Mingzhi stepping motor driver engineers think that for the voltage and current to recommend two solutions to determine the use of stepper motor driver.


1. Determine the voltage of stepper motor driver


The power supply voltage of hybrid stepping motor driver is generally in a wide range (for example, the power supply voltage of IM483 is 12 ~ 48VDC), and the power supply voltage is usually selected according to the operating speed and response requirements of the motor.


If the motor operates at a high speed or requires fast response, the voltage value is also high. However, the ripple of the power supply voltage should not exceed the maximum input voltage of the driver, otherwise the driver may be damaged.


2. Determination of current of stepper motor driver


The power supply current is generally determined by the output phase current I of the driver. If the linear power supply is used, the power supply current is generally 1.1-1.3 times of I; if the switching power supply is used, the power supply current is generally 1.5-2.0 times of I.


Equipped with stepper motor driver: according to the current of the motor, equipped with a driver greater than or equal to this current. If low vibration or high precision is needed, subdivision actuator can be used. For high torque motor, high voltage driver should be used as far as possible to obtain good high speed performance.

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